Will O’Keefe is a former Orchestral Percussionist/Broadway Touring Drummer/Disney Tour Guide
now turned Human Jukebox (aka dueling pianist).


I grew up in a rather large New York family, having four older sisters and two younger siblings (a brother and yet another sister), all of which so happened to be marching band geeks. Thus, I inherited my love for the loudest instrument on earth… drums.

Through my years of schooling and university I focused on orchestral percussion and regional musical theatre drum positions, with a trajectory to become the world’s next music teacher. This plan quickly changed after being offered the Drum & Percussion spot on “Elf” The Musical National Broadway Tour. On retuning, I knew that performing would need to be a big part of my future.

On a limb I decided to apply for a local Dueling Piano bar, even though my list of songs I knew how to play and sing contained a total of a whopping 1 song, which was piano man, and not well…

This started my path to mastery of vocal and piano entertainment. Fast Forward around a decade since applying for that local piano bar and now my song list includes over 750 songs and is continuously growing. You can easily watch me play some of your favorites live on my Twitch Channel. Come say hi and request a song or contact me here on the webpage.