Allison MalottAllison Malott
21:34 06 Dec 22
Will is such a talented entertainer! He helped take our guest experience to the next level with his fun & energetic atmosphere. Our guests raved about the live entertainment experience and even begged to keep the show going at closing time! We are lucky to have Will O'Keys Entertainment as a part of our fundraising event. He helped us reach our goals and kept our guests dancing all night long. We cannot recommend Will and his services enough. Already looking forward to working with him at our event in 2023!
Lirael 92Lirael 92
16:35 22 Nov 22
I was watching another music streamer last November and they raided to Mr. Keys stream I have been joining the streams ever since and each time has been a blast. ❤️ Mr. Keys is awesome and energetic performer who makes music fun and makes you feel like you belong! I recomend joining his streams and to follow his socials for more of his shenanigans 😉 Thank you ❤️
Aimée SuttonAimée Sutton
15:50 22 Nov 22
Will is a fabulous entertainer! He engages the audience and enjoys what he does. His fun and joy honestly just spreads to everyone around!
15:23 21 Nov 22
I came across Will’s online performances in January 2021. Since then I´ve tuned in to the live shows whenever I can. Excellent music and you always come away smiling and with more energy than before the show. Truly a great performer and human.
Maureen BoesenMaureen Boesen
19:57 13 Apr 22
Will is an incredible entertainer! He kept our entire event—from dinner through a live auction and dancing— so engaging people didn't want to leave the dance floor. I would definitely hire him again and will be recommending him to everyone I know.
Susie BradfordSusie Bradford
14:24 03 Apr 22
I just attended an event with this amazing piano duo!! They kept the atmosphere so fun throughout the night; they were so well prepared, creative, and just so talented! They were a blast!
STE AuctionSTE Auction
14:09 03 Apr 22
Will OKeys is amazing! He brought the fun and entertainment to the next level while helping us break our fundraising goal! Thank you, Will! Highly recommend for a fundraiser or just a night of fun!
18:29 25 Jan 22
Will is a famous piano player, who knows how to throw a great party.Sing or jam along with Will, even from around the globe!
Tiffany T. BakerTiffany T. Baker
16:16 19 Jan 22
Will brings the excitement & good times. Amazing musician with a great devotion to keeping his production exciting & fresh. Highly recommend!
Rachael BrossRachael Bross
22:04 06 Jan 22
Will is absolutely amazing to work with in all areas of entertainment. He's professional and amazingly personal and can make wonderful connections with his clients and their guests. The energy he brings to his shows is phenomenal. He is my absolute #1 go to for any live music needs. You absolutely will not be disappointed whatsoever hiring Will for your next event.
Stephanie HackerStephanie Hacker
01:59 06 Jan 22
William Okeefe is an amazingly talented man. His fingers truly know their way around the piano. Will is beyond inspirational and a go-to supporter. And just so he knows I’ll forever hear “I’ll wait for you there, like a stone” when I think of you. All my love, xoxo
Caroline RaeCaroline Rae
23:20 04 Jan 22
Will O’Keys is a fantastic performer and all-around amazing guy. I would definitely recommend booking with him if you’re considering it for your event, wedding, party, etc. Will does it ALL with a loving-smile that really makes you feel like a part of the performance. O’Keys is guaranteed to please.
Robbie GrossRobbie Gross
22:17 04 Jan 22
Will is the best! I love every live show I see with him. I highly recommend him for any party, hang out or event. He will bring all the best vibes and music.
Annie CherryAnnie Cherry
21:24 04 Jan 22
Will is a consummate professional wrapped up in easy going quick wit and skilled musical improvisation ability. The man knows how to work a crowd! He knows at least 649 songs, and Will mixes and melds them in innovative and delightful ways. A man who knows how to dress for success and looks great in a feather boa. I will definitely be hiring Will for future events!
Ellen SaraciniEllen Saracini
04:23 31 Dec 21
Omg! What good can't I say about Will? He performed at my wedding back in October and brought life to the party! It was a lot smaller bc COVID as I'm sure many parties were this 2021 but Will made it feel like an absolute banger!!! He knows so much music and is incredibly talented and fun. You will not regret getting to know him and I loved working with him. 10/10. All the gold stars. Would get my vows renewed next week if he could play the reception again.
Zak DaytonZak Dayton
22:06 30 Dec 21
Will is amazing musician that will bring a positive experience to any event. You can't go wrong hiring Will to play your next event! He has an extensive list of popular songs and does not fail to entertain!
Billie MBillie M
19:37 30 Dec 21
Will is fantastic, easy to work with and extremely talented. He wants everyone to enjoy the event and tries his best to accommodate any and all requests. Highly recommend for your musical entertainment needs!